AFTER 50 YEARS OF EPILEPSY (or whatever they call it)



I am not claiming to be a medical professional nor a miracle worker but, as since the beginning of time has shown us. Experience counts for something...
After 50 years of being an American with seizures has shown me, the United States medical system is not the best in the world.

Since the 1960s, I have fought to survive and most of that was due to ( over - medication). If you are a parent reading this and your child has seizures I feel for you and wish you the strength to pursue the best for you little one.

Back when I was 8 years old the prestidious Mayo Clinic doctors held me down and forced needles into my spine while my parents watched me screaming in pain like I was being burned at the stake.

That was the first traumatic experience that forced me into being seen as some sort of mentally disturbed child needing more expensive psycho medications that the Big Pharma sponsors of American medical schools were happy to sell me.

It was not until decades later I was shown the path that was forced upon me by doctors that thought of nutrition as another man's game and only were schooled in the pushing of pills.

Some patients must take a mass of chemicals to survive but, not all of us.

Has any of you been told how the British actor Richard Burton lived his life without seizure medications ?

We were never told ...


Too much stimulus may cause a seizure in a person with this type of physical problem.

It may happen because they are sad or anxious or simply because they have consumed too much junk food.

The junk we eat may be the reason we are not able to take in 25 to 50 percent less medications per day than was prescribed to us by the Gods of medicine that we have trusted our lives to ...


Most guys with seizures don't scuba dive,downhill ski,work as a bouncer and cruise bars to pick up females but, I did lol...

I am sure there are others who received more education but, at what cost?

How much of life did they miss ?

The prescribing of medications to THE THERAPEUTIC LEVEL is baloney.

Its more complicated than that with our internal chemistry ...

If I look at a TV screen or a cell phone the wrong way I am at risk.

If I am in Florida during the summer it could be bad or, do not sleep enough or simply have a loved one that is basically a negative person and directs it upon me I am at risk.

Once an adult , we need to plan our lives with these things in mind but as a parent, we can show the way for an easier life if we are correctly informed.

Just try to remember this ...

Too much brain stimulus causes you more problems be they chemical,nervous reaction like visual or auditory or even simple things like not enough sleep...

It has been my experience that diet is so important that if you are going to eat like the average American you will be doomed to failure.

The Ketogenic diet is the best basic diet I have found.

The main thing to remember is you must protect yourself from the side effects of chemical medications each and every day. Many times this means changing your diet.

Becoming stupid is in no ones plan but, can be the result if over - medication becomes your problem.

Sadly, some people will use your disability against you and attempt to hurt you.

I have had hacker neighbors try and ruin my life so, I told legal friends of my family and when I am ready, we can prosecute them to the highest level they bring themselves to for the length and amount of damage they caused.

America is truly made for the most fit and if you are not white,born to poverty or disabled it may not be so easy a life.

This is one of the reasons that suicides have risen so much in this country.

They try to blame it upon drugs but, I doubt the facts support this notion.


Moving here from a third world country was probably the best thing a dark skinned cab driver could do for his family but, medical care is PROFIT-DRIVEN here and we face it every day.

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